Prakashan is a contemporary type family designed to provide a lively and vibrant texture in extended text settings. Its not-too-serious tone makes it appropriate for a wide variety of use, lending warmth and approachability to body copy and adding flavour to display setting through its distinct letter-shapes. Its quirkiness and intentional peculiarities create a refreshing rhythm suitable for any text that needs a touch of happiness, whether it is a magazine article or academic material. 
The styles have been designed to create a strong presence on the page, providing movement and personality through letters that combine constructed shapes with fast curves. The design for Prakashan started as a student project for the MA in Typeface Design at the University of Reading in 2012 and has been extended, revisited and refined since then. I t was originally conceived to address typographic problems of multi-script settings for Odia and Latin, bringing variety and dynamism in style to both scripts and providing a modulated alternative to the more predominant mono-linear Odia model.

Prakashan Odia Regular has been awarded the first prize in the Indic script category of the 2014 Granshan competition.