D&AD Student Awards

The brief for the competition was to design and develop a supplement for the magazine Circular, published by the Typographic Circle. Each supplement had to be about individuals who had given a lecture 
at the Typographic Circle in the past.

Finding a balance between the individuality of each book and the way the books work as a series was the most challenging part of the project. The patterns created, using typographic elements connected to the lectures, as well as the colour treatment (B&W cover to unify the exterior, single colour inside) provide a strong identity to the project. The design principles can be easily applied across a range of requirements.

A collaborative project with Krista Radoeva

We were awarded as best of the year

Each colour is chosen according to the work of the designer or studio. 

We introduced duotone images of work in progress placing them alongside the introductory text. A colour line signifies the beginning and the end of each chapter. The same line is also used in other elements such as the folios.

The last page contains the captions for the images in the book.