CSM 2012 Degree Show Identity Proposal

Proposal for the 2012 Central Saint Martins Degree Show.
In collaboration with Duarte Carrilho da Graça, JT Jean, Clara Yee and Shiho Yokoyama.

The 2012 Degree Show was the first one in the history of Central Saint Martins, where all the students had the possibility to exhibit at the same time and in the same location, in the new building in Kings Cross. 

It was trying to reflect this sense of being for the first time under the same roof that we came up with the idea of using most of the workshops available such as the screen-printing, the wood and the 3D ones to design and create all the elements needed. 

We decided to use the flip-board as a linking element. We imagined a big board, where wood screen-printed panels and a flip-board would show informations and updates to the visitors. We even prototyped a flip-board using Arduino.

We also thought of make use of the screens available across the building to show informations and directions to specific shows, translating the flip-board to a completely digital environment. 

Duarte designed this: 

The rest of the material included signage, invites and maps. We preferred the use of a monospaced font to keep the printed material in line with the main theme.